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Erwin Stranka


Edition 1988
100' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Erwin Stranka Composer: Reinhard Lakomy With: Arianne Borbach, Torsten Bauer, Rita Feldmeier
She is fond of life, but first and foremost of Juergen, a research student. She, the beautiful skilled worker in electronics, wants to be together with him. There 's nothing that could keep her at home. Her parents were divorced. Her father, an alcoholic, tries in vain to
settle down again in his family. Liane's mother longs for a new partner. And Freddy, the younger brother, shuns work. What 's going to become of him? Anyway, Liane wants to enjoy life. She goes and gets herself a new apartment. She celebrates her 20th birthday at her own place. Together with Juergen, the love of her life, she batches plans for the future. But he cheats her on a fellow student. Liane cannot forgive him: she parts from him, expecting his child. In addition to her private grief, there is trouble at her factory. Liane is to leave her work-team to help in another department. 'Why me, of all people ?' she wonders ...

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Erwin Stranka


Reinhard Lakomy


Arianne Borbach, Torsten Bauer, Rita Feldmeier


Erwin Stranka

Director of Photography

Helmut Bergmann


Helga Krause


Volkmar Leweck

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Countries of production

East Germany



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