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Scott D. Goldstein


Edition 1997
100' - 1996 - Fantasy, Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Scott D. Goldstein Composer: Leonard Rosenman With: Sarah Paulson, Benjamin Heflin, Christopher Boyer, Cassandra Ray
This is the moving story of Acey, a teenager who experiences a uniquely mystical coming-of-age. Her life is filled with dangers and dreams that include a father too drunk to notice her and timorous, nocturnal self-levitations. Her only friends are a blues disc Jockey named Downbeat and a luminous young man by the name of Bob, who seems to watch over Acey wherever she goes and with whom she falls in love. Her journey brings her into a revealing confrontation with her bitter adoptive mother and the biological mother she has never met before. Even as Acey’s journey brings her face-to-face with harsh reality, she begins to discover the powerful secrets of the other world - a world of dreams, imaginings and possibilities.

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142fd399 72ba 4e6a b086 72e61b8094ef



Scott D. Goldstein


Leonard Rosenman


Sarah Paulson, Benjamin Heflin, Christopher Boyer, Cassandra Ray


Scott D. Goldstein

Director of Photography

Michael G. Wojciechowski


Scott D. Goldstein, Frederick Wardell


Scott D. Goldstein, Shelly Strong

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United States of America



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