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Iglika Triffonova

Letter to America (Pismo do Amerika)

Edition 2002
90' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: English, Bulgarian
Director: Iglika Triffonova Composer: Milcho Leviev With: Phillip Avramov, Ana Papadopulu, Peter Antonov
"Life passes like a shadow …" Ivan can only remember the first line of an old folk song once believed capable of resurrecting the dead. The young man used to sing it with his best friend Kamen, who now lies between life and death in a US hospital. When denied a visa to travel to Kamen’s bedside, the sensitive and handsome Ivan takes for the road in search of the forgotten song. With the camcorder Kamen gave him, Ivan begins to put together a video letter composed of the people he meets along the way. Led from one village to the next, tucked away deeply in the mountainous countryside, Ivan gets a glimpse of quickly disappearing Bulgarian traditions and lifestyles. The characters Ivan meets know many songs and they are happy to share them, but no one in his country seems able to remember the resurrection song …

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Iglika Triffonova


Milcho Leviev


Phillip Avramov, Ana Papadopulu, Peter Antonov


Iglika Triffonova

Director of Photography

Rali Raltschev


Yordanka Bachvarova


Rossitsa Valkanova, Petra Goedings, Laszlo Kantor

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English, Bulgarian

Countries of production

Hungary, Bulgaria



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