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João Correa

Les territoires de la défonce

Edition 1987
95' - 1986 - Documentary - Dialogue: French
Director: João Correa Composer: Michel Gyory With: Anne-Laure, Annick Antonio
This routine documentary on drug addiction among Belgian youth also looks at famous people who were addicted to one drug or another, such as Baudelaire and Freud, and the narrative skims through eras in history in which drug use was common. Among the periods and places mentioned are the English opium trade in China, drugs in the renaissance, and in ancient Rome. Many of the addicts in Belgium come from middle-class families or better and it is implied that they turned to drugs out of a sense of alienation or because they had nothing better to do. Drug users tended to start with casual substances but quickly turn to the more seriously addictive heroin or cocaine.

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08711ea3 58fc 408f 9143 19f170dd0f45



João Correa


Michel Gyory


Anne-Laure, Annick Antonio


Charles Gondanoff

Director of Photography

Michel Sander, Alessandro Usai

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