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Chantal Akerman

Les rendez-vous d'Anna

Edition 1979
128' - 1978 - Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Chantal Akerman With: Aurore Clément, Helmut Griem, Magali Noël
Anna, a detached and diffident director, arrives in Germany to show her latest film; she checks into a hotel, invites a stranger to her bed, and abruptly tells him to leave. He asks her to a birthday lunch with his mother and daughter; she goes. Afterward, in Cologne, she meets an old friend, a Polish Jew and war refugee. In Brussels, she spends the night at a hotel with her mother, whom she rarely sees. On the train, a stranger tells his story. Last, it's home to Paris, where her lover Daniel picks her up and they go to a hotel. Throughout, people make personal revelations to her, and Anna listens with little affect. Although it was 30 years ago, the war seems ever present.

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Chantal Akerman


Aurore Clément, Helmut Griem, Magali Noël


Chantal Akerman

Director of Photography

Jean Penzer


Francine Sandberg


Alain Dahan, Maya Faber-Jansen, Emile Poppe

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Countries of production

Belgium, France, West Germany



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