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Pierre Coulibeuf

Les guerriers de la beauté

71' - 2003 - Fantasy
Director: Pierre Coulibeuf With: Els Deceukelier, William Forsythe, Emio Greco
This film sprang from an encounter between French filmmaker Pierre Coulibeuf and Flemish choreographer Jan Fabre. The choreographer recreated his own world and offered Coulibeuf a phantasmagoria based on his theatrical and choreographic inventions. The resulting film is a labyrinth with multiple entrances, where an unlikely Ariadne in wedding gown (“the demon of passage”?) guides and misleads the viewer in a strange world marked by metamorphosis, multiple personalities, conflicting drives, parody, ritual, surreality … (press kit)

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D86fb8db 41b7 4baf 8c89 e9e84b60adad



Pierre Coulibeuf


Els Deceukelier, William Forsythe, Emio Greco


Pierre Coulibeuf, Bart Verschaffel

Director of Photography

Yves Cape


Jean-Daniel Fernandez-Qundez


Chantal Delanoé

More information

Countries of production

Belgium, France

Screenplay based on

Adapted from a special re-creation by Jan Fabre



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