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Frans Weisz

Leedvermaak (Malicious Delight)

Edition 1989
92' - 1989 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Frans Weisz Composer: Theo Nijland With: Kitty Courbois, Peter Oosthoek, Catherine ten Bruggencate
After 'Havinck', Frans Weisz filmed a subject by the Jewish-Dutch author Judith Herzberg about a wedding-party in a Jewish family in Amsterdam. In 83 scenes, Weisz depicts a group of characters who are all, somehow, struggling with the past. In spite of all their efforts, remembrances of the war, the camps, the holocaust, all those people they had been separated from, the loss, the bitterness spoil the atmosphere. Weisz, who bas a gift for psychological analysis without explicitely analysing, draws bis characters with a subtlety and a credibility which give him a special place in Dutch filmmaking. 'Malicious Delight' has been nominated as the Dutch entry for the European Film Awards in Berlin later this year.

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Frans Weisz


Theo Nijland


Kitty Courbois, Peter Oosthoek, Catherine ten Bruggencate


Frans Weisz, Judith Herzberg

Director of Photography

Goert Giltay


Ton Ruys


Gijs Versluys

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"Leedvermaak trilogie" (Judith Herzberg)



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