09 20 Oct '24
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Vincent Chui

Leaving in Sorrow (Youyou chouchou de zou le)

90' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: English, Cantonese, English, Cantonese
Director: Vincent Chui With: Ivy Ho, Tony Ho, Duncan Lai
December 1996. Ray, a young vaguely info-tech style businessman born in Hong Kong but residing in San Francisco, returns to HK to reunite with his semi-estranged father. The death of a cherished elder relative draws both back to their native mainland village, where Ray experiences a somewhat clichéd reawakening. The upright but timorously passive Pastor Alex Lai and his money-minded real estate agent wife Ivy struggle as the strains in their marriage become exacerbated by the overheated property market: Lai grapples with the imminent sale of his church to fast-track property developers, as Ivy, planning to emigrate to the USA, schemes to sell their flat. Gossip magazine writer Hong relentlessly pursues his editor Chris. His efforts finally wear her down. Much later, she reveals to him her still traumatic memories of studying in Beijing in June 1989, and he takes her back to confront what she left behind.

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Vincent Chui


Ivy Ho, Tony Ho, Duncan Lai


Vincent Chui, Patrick Kong

Director of Photography

S.K. Yip


Kedy Fan, Yuk-yiu Ip


Vincent Chui

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English, Cantonese, English, Cantonese

Countries of production

Hong Kong, Hong Kong



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