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Jean-Louis Benoît

Le soldat qui dort (Les poings fermés)

Edition 1984
95' - 1984 - Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Jean-Louis Benoît Composer: Marc Steckar With: André Wilms, Laurent Pahud, Marie-Hélène Dasté
The choice of this film in the context of this film festival is partly determined by the fact that the director is also a guest in our own N. T. G. where he will direct an unknown play by a contemporary of Moliere, ''Love, lust and horns. A bit of a calculated risk, but still legitimate, especially when we hear the favourable echoes about this film that has only been shown in two places: at the festivals of Locarno and Montreal. In Montreal, the newspaper "Le Devoir" spoke of an original, revelatory piece of work by a great writer who doesn't seem to be inclined to compromise. Variety" also praises the film and, as usual with "art films", expresses reservations about its commercial future, emphasising its success at festivals. What is this "Sleeping Soldier" about? We are in 1914. In the main hall of the military hospital, we see a ten-year-old boy crawling under the sick beds of the injured as if he were in a trench. Among the wounded is his father, who is in a coma. In order to spare the boy from the horrors of war, his mother decides to send him to live with an old woman, a friend of the family. She lives in a quiet mountain village, far from the violence of war ...

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Cef723b3 4c14 490a 86ef f5b9a7efec70



Jean-Louis Benoît


Marc Steckar


André Wilms, Laurent Pahud, Marie-Hélène Dasté


Jean-Louis Benoît

Director of Photography

Emmanuel Machuel


Jean-François Naudon

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Countries of production

Belgium, Switzerland, France



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