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Waldemar Dziki

Le jeune magicien (The Young Magician)

Edition 1989
106' - 1987 - Fantasy, Drama, Family - Dialogue: Polish
Director: Waldemar Dziki Composer: Krzesimir Debski With: Rusty Jedwab, Natasza Maraszek, Edward Garson
Is it not wonderful to find out that you have the gift of magic? That is what happens to Pierrot, who watches a performance by a magician. Twelve year old Pierrot is far from being satisfied with himself. If only he was a hockey star like his rival Marc! If he could only win the heart of Marguerite, who has eyes only for Marc! Suddenly a magician's wand has changed his life. Called to the stage to assist the magician, Pierrot realizes that he has only to concentrate and imitate the gestures of the master for the magie to work. From this point on, magie is the centre of the boy's life. At school he is called the magician: he has the power to make objects move by the force of his thoughts. This gift, however, if not controlled, can involve the person who uses it in some wild adventures, as Pierrot finds out at his own cost!

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Waldemar Dziki


Krzesimir Debski


Rusty Jedwab, Natasza Maraszek, Edward Garson

Director of Photography

Wit Dabal


André Corriveau


Rock Demers, Krzysztof Zanussi

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Countries of production

Canada, Poland



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