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Cheik Doukouré

Le ballon d'or

93' - 1994 - Drama, Comedy, Family
Director: Cheik Doukouré Composer: Loy Ehrlich, Jean-Marcel Milan With: Aboubacar Sidiki Sumah, Agnès Soral, Habib Hammoud
Just like boys all over the world, the boys in the Guinean village of Makono dream of fantastic careers as football players. This is why Bandian and his brother Kanimadi are always glued to the transistor radio whenever there is a football match transmitted live. Bandian's great hero is the football player Roger Milia -he'd love to play like hirn one day. He and the other boys of the village kick a ball around every chance they get - whenever Bandian is not needed to drive the cattle or work in the field.

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Cheik Doukouré


Loy Ehrlich, Jean-Marcel Milan


Aboubacar Sidiki Sumah, Agnès Soral, Habib Hammoud


Cheik Doukouré, Martin Brossollet, David Carayan

Director of Photography

Alain Choquart


Michèle Robert-Lauliac


Monique Annaud

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Countries of production

Guinea, France



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