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Yasujirô Ozu

Late Autumn (Akibiyori)

Director Yasujirô Ozu Composer Takanobu Saitô Cast Setsuko Hara, Yôko Tsukasa, Mariko Okada
128' - 1960 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Japanese
Family and friends of the late Shuzo Miwa have gathered for his annual memorial service, this one marking the seventh anniversary of his passing. Three of his long time friends - married Shuzo Taguchi, married Soichi Mamiya, and widowed Seiichiro Hirayama - have long known and admitted to each other that they have always been attracted to his widow, Akiko Miwa, who they believe has gotten even more beautiful as she has matured. The three friends take it upon themselves to find a husband for the Miwa's now twenty-four year old daughter, Ayako Miwa, who they believe as beautiful as her mother, and who, as a pure innocent, deserves a good husband. Their self-appointed task is despite them knowing that Ayako does not want them to do so. She doesn't want to get married, at least not yet, as she struggles with her traditional sensibilities in post-war modern Japan. Her first priority as she sees it is to take care of her widowed mother, who would be alone if she were to get married. The differing wants between Akiko, Ayako and the three men are ultimately at odds with each other, and places their relationships on tenterhooks. Ayako's best friend and work colleague Yukiko Sasaki, seeing what is happening, takes it upon herself to ensure that her friend and her friend's mother get what they want from their life following Shuzo's death.

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Yasujirô Ozu


Takanobu Saitô


Setsuko Hara, Yôko Tsukasa, Mariko Okada


Yasujirô Ozu, Kôgo Noda

Director of Photography

Yûharu Atsuta


Yoshiyasu Hamamura


Shizuo Yamanouchi, Shizuo Yamanouchi

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Screenplay based on

"Late Autumn" (Ton Satomi)