09 20 Oct '24
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Fernando Arrabal

L'arbre de Guernica

110' - 1975 - War, Drama - Dialogue: French
Director: Fernando Arrabal With: Mariangela Melato, Ron Faber, Cosimo Cinieri
The Spanish Civil War, as experienced by the town of Villa Ramiro. The local count and his Fascist nephews ally with the rebels; the count's son, indifferent to politics at the outset, later makes a choice; the town's teacher, Antonio Garcia, a pacifist, tries not to take sides but to inspire the children with ideas; a beautiful eccentric woman, Vandale, brings leadership and strength to the town; dwarfs long for equality. The fictive story of Villa Ramiro is inter-cut with archival footage of the war itself. The town is near Guernica, and the local Republicans draw inspiration from its freedom tree.

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Fernando Arrabal


Mariangela Melato, Ron Faber, Cosimo Cinieri


Fernando Arrabal, Francesco Cinieri

Director of Photography

Ramón F. Suárez


Renzo Lucidi

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Countries of production

Italy, France



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