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Sherwood Hu

Lan ling wang (Warrior Lanling)

Edition 1995
95' - 1995 - Drama - Dialogue: Mandarin, Mandarin
Director: Sherwood Hu Composer: He Xuntian With: Lorenzo Callender, Jing Ning, Xueqi Wang
In ancient China, young prince Lanling is assigned to lead an army in battle against the Black Hawk tribe and is deeply humiliated when General Big Beard of the Jatter refuses to fight him because of Lanlin's youth and his feminine features. Deeply ashamed, Lanling attempts to commit suïcide in the mountains but is stopped by Ying Ying, a girl who is secretly in love with him. When they return to the village, they find that it has been totally destroyed and they learn that Lanling' s mother, the tribe's chief, has given herself up to the chief of the Black Hawks in exchange for the lives of the men of her own tribe.

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Sherwood Hu


He Xuntian


Lorenzo Callender, Jing Ning, Xueqi Wang


Sherwood Hu, Peigong Wang

Director of Photography

Hou Yong, Changwei Gu


Zhan Haihong


Zheng Kainan

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Mandarin, Mandarin

Countries of production

China, China



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