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Charles Matton

La lumière des étoiles mortes

Edition 1994
110' - 1994 - War, Drama, Romance
Director: Charles Matton Composer: Nicolas Matton With: Jean-François Balmer, Caroline Silhol, Richard Bohringer
June, 1940. When the house where Pierre lives with his wife Magdeleine and their son Charles is commandered by the Wehrmacht, a strange cohabition begins. On the one side, the French family with their two servants, Louise and Léa, and the beautiful Jewish tutor known to all as "Mademoiselle". On the other, the German occupants: the fanatical Krantz and honest Karl ... A deep friendship soon springs up between Charles and Karl, but the threat of an uncertain future hangs over their relationship. Years go by: now Karl must leave for the Russian front. Writing to his young friend, he describes the total horror of war. As Charles secretly reads these forbidden letters, his innocence is undermined. He grows in maturity from day to day.

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Charles Matton


Nicolas Matton


Jean-François Balmer, Caroline Silhol, Richard Bohringer


Charles Matton, Sylvie Matton

Director of Photography

Jean-Jacques Flori


Catherine Poitevin


Humbert Balsan, Andreas Bareiß, Gloria Burkert

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Countries of production

Germany, France



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