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Jacques Feyder

La kermesse héroique (Carnival in Flanders)

95' - 1935 - Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: French
Director: Jacques Feyder Composer: Louis Beydts With: Françoise Rosay, André Alerme, Jean Murat
When Spanish troops under the command of a Duke are to enter the small town of Boom in 17th-century Flanders, the fussy Burgomaster and his officials cannot cope with his threat to their town. The Burgomaster's wife Cornelia has a plan. The Burgomaster will pretend to be dead, and Cornelia will receive the Duke and hope that in the sad circumstances he will be gentleman enough not to overstay his leave. The film caused great offence in Belgium for its presentation of the Flemings in a less than heroic light and was liked by the Nazis for its sympathetic attitude towards collaboration.

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Jacques Feyder


Louis Beydts


Françoise Rosay, André Alerme, Jean Murat


Jacques Feyder, Charles Spaak, Bernard Zimmer, Robert A. Stemmle

Director of Photography

Harry Stradling Sr.


Jacques Brillouin

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Countries of production

Germany, France

Screenplay based on

Charles Spaak



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