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Ettore Scola

La cena

126' - 1998 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Ettore Scola Composer: Armando Trovajoli With: Fanny Ardant, Antonio Catania, Francesca d'Aloja
When the time in which we live seems to be of harder interpretation and the analysis of the present and the forecast of the future are more uncertain, and when the fears of being disappointed become stronger; it is then that we feel the need to observe the others more deeply and fantasise about their thoughts. This is the best way to get to know ourselves better and to have clearer ideas. Our aim is to tell some of today’s stories, lived or reported by their protagonists, which are occasional clients of the same restaurant. It is a cross-section of Italians at dinner, caught in the most relaxing moment of their day, when they disclose themselves more easily, when they express vices and virtues and they confess worries and wishes.

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Ettore Scola


Armando Trovajoli


Fanny Ardant, Antonio Catania, Francesca d'Aloja


Ettore Scola, Furio Scarpelli, Silvia Scola, Giacomo Scarpelli

Director of Photography

Franco Di Giacomo


Raimondo Crociani


Franco Committeri

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Countries of production

Italy, France



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