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Annette Apon

Krokodillen in Amsterdam

Edition 1990
88' - 1990 - Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Annette Apon Composer: Henk van der Meulen With: Yolanda Entius, Joan Nederlof, Hans Hoes
Two girls. Nina is small and dark-haired and Gino is slim and blond. Nina is hotheaded, rebellious and straightforward. She knows what she wants. Gino is completely different: sweet, naive and lives in a world of her own. Nina the rebel wants to change the world and joins a group of political activists. But things have to go the way Nina wants them to - she has to be the heroine - there is no way around it. Gino has a completely different way of coping with reality. lf things do not go the way she wants them to then she can always seek refuge in her dreams.

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Annette Apon


Henk van der Meulen


Yolanda Entius, Joan Nederlof, Hans Hoes


Annette Apon, Yolanda Entius, Henriëtte Remmers


Danniel Danniel


Rolf Orthel

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The Netherlands



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