09 20 Oct '24
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Jolke Van Aerde

Komm, süßer Tod (Come, Sweet Death)

26' - 2021 - Fantasy, Avant-Garde / Experimental, Costume - Dialogue: German
Director: Jolke Van Aerde With: Mattis Buckinx, Kumail Syed, Rosa Marchant, Noa Bromley
This short film is part of the Belgian Student Short Competition.
A sick child spends its numbered days confined to bed, waiting for Death to come. Silence slowly fills its room. The curtains veil the nights in blue. As Death moves closer, a series of strangely familiar visitors pass by. We are taken on a fantastical journey through a child’s dying dreams. A fairy tale unfolds.

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Jolke Van Aerde


Mattis Buckinx, Kumail Syed, Rosa Marchant, Noa Bromley


Jolke Van Aerde

Director of Photography

Jolke Van Aerde


Jolke Van Aerde


Jolke Van Aerde

Production studios

Hogeschool Gent School of Arts (KASK)

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Jolke Van Aerde
Silver Shell (short, 2018), But what exactly are daddy long-legs (short, 2018), A horse always sleeps standing up, but to dream it needs to lie down (short, 2019)

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