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Roman Tikhomirov

Knyaz Igor (Prince Igor)

105' - 1969 - Adventure - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Roman Tikhomirov With: Nelli Pshyonnaya, Berik Alimbaev, Boris Khmelnitskiy
1185... The square near the cathedral in the ancient Russian town of Poutivl is packed with troops headed by Prince Igor who are preparing for their campaign against the Polovtsi. Igor's son Vladimir and his brother Vsevolod are also among those who go to fight the deadly foe. The people, who have gathered in the square, sing a song of praise to the Prince and his troops. Suddenly the light of day grows dim and the solemn scene is abruptly interrupted by a solar eclipse. Everybody takes this to be a bad omen and asks him not to set forth for battle. But Igor's decision cannot be shaken.

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Roman Tikhomirov


Nelli Pshyonnaya, Berik Alimbaev, Boris Khmelnitskiy


Roman Tikhomirov, Aleksandr Borodin, Isaak Glikman

Director of Photography

Aleksandr Chirkov


M. Koerajev


A. Nesterov

Non-original music

Aleksandr Borodin

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Countries of production

Union soviétique

Screenplay based on

"Prince Igor" (Aleksander Borodin)



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