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Henner Winckler


Edition 2002
86' - 2002 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: German, Polish, English
Director: Henner Winckler Composer: Cem Oral With: Steven Sperling, Sophie Kempe, Maxi Warwel
A class of schoolchildren travels to the Polish Baltic coast, where the children are not exactly enthralled by the seaside resort in the off-season. Between table tennis, daytrips and alcoholic excesses, 16-year-old Ronny tentatively develops a relationship with fellow pupil Isa. During a visit to a disco they meet a Polish boy, Marek, who works as a pool boy at a local hotel. But Ronny soon realizes that Marek is more interested in Isa than in him and he begins a campaign to impress her, starting innocently enough with competitions in the pool and during a beachside rugby match. Neither of them ends well for Ronny. He sets Marek one challenge after another, culminating in a dare with tragic consequences.

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4bb53011 9ce6 45c2 b814 81b8f0d94c1e



Henner Winckler


Cem Oral


Steven Sperling, Sophie Kempe, Maxi Warwel


Henner Winckler, Stefan Kriekhaus

Director of Photography

Janne Busse, Susanne Fuchs


Bettina Böhler, Emmelie Mansee, Thorben Zoeger


Michael Weber, Christian Cloos, Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Florian Koerner von Gustorf

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German, Polish, English

Countries of production

Poland, Germany



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