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Nizamettin Ariç

Klamek ji bo Beko (A song for Beko)

Edition 1993
84' - 1992 - War - Dialogue: Kurdish
Director: Nizamettin Ariç With: Nizamettin Ariç, Bezara Arsen, Lusika Hesen, Cemale Jora
Beko lives in the Turkish part of Kur­distan, where he is arrested by the Turkish police. Beko escapes and begins his search for his brother to find himself in the middle of the Iran-Iraq War. He seeks shelter in a hide-out where Kurds are camping out, afraid to return to their ruined villages. While awaiting news of his brother, Beko befriends the children and discovers they have a strong feeling of Kurdish identity. When the conflict ends, they return to the villages, which are subsequently sprayed with poison gas from Saddam Hussein' s helicopters.

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Nizamettin Ariç


Nizamettin Ariç, Bezara Arsen, Lusika Hesen, Cemale Jora


Nizamettin Ariç

Director of Photography

Thomas Mauch


Gaby Wragge, Susanne Lahaye


Margarita Woskanjan

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Countries of production

Germany, Armenia



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