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Drahomíra Králová

Kam doskáce ranní ptáce (Wie van de drie)

Director Drahomíra Králová Composer Jaroslav Uhlír Cast Pavel Divis, Lubos Divis, Lenka Termerová
Edition 1987
85' - 1987 - Comedy, Family - Dialogue: Czech
Twelve year old Pavel's (Pavel Divis) mother (Lenka Termerova) is a scientist who is working on a project that turns matter into exact copies of nearby animals. Since Pavel is a technology whiz he would like to perform experiments on the matter, but his mother will not allow it. One day at school Pavel is confronted by the school's three older bullies (Martin Wimmer, Jiri Sandera, Jiri Petr). He skips the rest of the school day and sneaks into the laboratory where his mother works in order to steal some of the matter. He experiments on the matter but only manages to disrupt the electricity in his apartment building. Hearing his mother come home from work, Pavel splits the matter in two and hides half of it in his bed. That night a storm occurs and he wakes up the next morning with a copy of himself (Lubos Divis) in his bed. Later, he goes to a beach with some school mates and takes the other half of the matter with him. While there, another storm turns the second half of the matter into a second copy (also Lubos Divis). Pavel takes the second copy home to meet the first copy. At first, the two copies do not get along, but eventually the three Pavels begin to work together to clean the apartment, cook dinner, help their injured neighbor (Blazena Holisova) and later fight the three bullies.

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Drahomíra Králová


Jaroslav Uhlír


Pavel Divis, Lubos Divis, Lenka Termerová


Milos Cajthaml, Vladimír Klapka

Director of Photography

Jan Nemecek


Dalibor Lipský


Bohumil Nový

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