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Masahiro Kobayashi

Kaizokuban Bootleg Film

Edition 1999
74' - 1999 - Crime, Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: Masahiro Kobayashi With: Akira Emoto, Kippei Shîna, Maika
A car drives through the northern part of town. Two men, Tatsuo Komatsu and Seiji Aida, are in the car. Tatsuo is a Yakuza on the brink of loosing his job and Seiji is a policeman. Although they have conflicting jobs they are the best of friends. On their way to attend Ayako's funeral - she was Tatsuo's lover and Seiji's wife - they momentarily enjoy reminiscing about Ayako and gradually start feeling jealous, opposing each other and end up arguing about their similar affections for Ayako. Then they meet a young couple - Yoji and Junko - on their way back from their friend’s wedding. Yoji and Junko soon discover things, they had better not known…

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Masahiro Kobayashi


Akira Emoto, Kippei Shîna, Maika


Masahiro Kobayashi

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