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Masashi Yamamoto

Junk Food

Edition 1998
84' - 1998 - Crime, Drama - Dialogue: Spanish, Urdu, English, Japanese
Director: Masashi Yamamoto Composer: Dj Krush, Ko Machida With: Ali Ahmed, Arata Furuta, Mika Kumagai
Miyuki, a young office worker and junkie, has spent the night in the room of the man she just met. She opens her eyes and immediately needs a fix. She strangles the man she has just been sleeping with to death and heads off to work. At the office, without her fix, she has trouble concentrating. She wheedles some money out of her boss and goes out to wander the streets in search of drugs. But the city is no friend to Miyuki during the day. She finds a seller, but he turns out to be a paranoiac who beats and kicks her, leaving her severely wounded. She returns home with a swollen face and eats the dinner prepared for her husband, who has not seen her for over 24 hours. It’s been a busy day!

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Masashi Yamamoto


Dj Krush, Ko Machida


Ali Ahmed, Arata Furuta, Mika Kumagai

Director of Photography

Hiroshi Ito


Shuichi Kakesu


Toshihiro Isomi

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Spanish, Urdu, English, Japanese

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