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Eric Mendelsohn

Judy Berlin

93' - 1999 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: English
Director: Eric Mendelsohn Composer: Michael Nicholas With: Barbara Barrie, Bob Dishy, Edie Falco
It is the second day of school in the tiny town of Babylon, Long Island. The town’s residents - stranded housewives, embittered school teachers, aspiring actresses and introverted failures - bear witness to the coming of fall, unaware of the strange odyssey and momentous changes that the day has in store for them. David has returned to his parents' home after a failed attempt at success in California. He runs into former classmate Judy Berlin - still outspoken and charismatic, now a local actress with dreams of stardom. As the town is engulfed in the darkness of a strange solar eclipse, David and Judy pass the day reminiscing. In the surreal twilight, they wander the streets searching for insight and understanding.

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Eric Mendelsohn


Michael Nicholas


Barbara Barrie, Bob Dishy, Edie Falco


Eric Mendelsohn

Director of Photography

Jeffrey Seckendorf


Eric Mendelsohn


Rocco Caruso

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Countries of production

United States of America



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