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Lodewijk Crijns

Jezus is een Palestijn

Edition 1999
110' - 1999 - Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Lodewijk Crijns Composer: Jeroen Strijbos, Rob van Rijswijk With: Hans Teeuwen, Kim van Kooten, Dijn Blom
Ramses (25) has been in a religious agricultural community for eight years. The commune, the superficial manifestation of which seems to entail many piercings, receives a visit from the Kahn guru. He promotes Ramses to a “full priest”. His sister Natasha comes to fetch him after not seeing him for eight years: their father is in a coma. Outside the commune after so long, Ramses falls madly in love with his sister’s roommate. He has his doubts about returning to the commune and also has to decide on whether or not to help his father die. However the father turns out to be feigning death because no one takes his faith in the return of the Messiah as proclaimed by the Palestinian Prophet Rashid seriously.

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Lodewijk Crijns


Jeroen Strijbos, Rob van Rijswijk


Hans Teeuwen, Kim van Kooten, Dijn Blom


Lodewijk Crijns

Director of Photography

Menno Westendorp


Wouter Jansen


Martin Lagestee

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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