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Walter Bockmayer, Rolf Bührmann

Jane Is Jane Forever (Jane bleibt jane)

Edition 1980
90' - 1977 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Walter Bockmayer, Rolf Bührmann With: Johanna König, Peter Chatel, Karl Blömer
This film is about an old lady called Jane, who believes she is Tarzan's widow. She wears a leopard skin bathing suit under her black coat when she visits the zoo to talk to the animals, and keeps African mementos in her home. She also has pictures of famous screen incarnations of Tarzan, including Johnny Weissmuller, Lex Barker, etc. up on the walls of her flat, and longs to 'return' to Africa and visit 'Tarzan's tomb'.

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Walter Bockmayer, Rolf Bührmann


Johanna König, Peter Chatel, Karl Blömer


Walter Bockmayer, Rolf Bührmann

Director of Photography

Peter Mertin


Inge Gielow

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Countries of production

West Germany



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