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Lee Jung-jae

Hunt (헌트)

Edition 2022
125' - 2022 - Mystery, Action, Drama - Dialogue: Korean
Director: Lee Jung-jae Composer: Cho Young-wuk With: Lee Jung-jae, Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Hye-jin
Lee Jung-jae - known from Squid Game - makes his directorial debut with this thrilling spy film.
Agents of the Korean National Intelligence Service (KNIS), Pyung-ho at Int’l Dept. and Jung-do at Domestic Dept. are both independently hunting a North Korean mole within the agency. During this investigation, they come face to face with an unbearable truth and must deal with an unthinkable plot to assassinate the South Korean president.
"Squid game star Lee Jung-jae makes his directing debut on this 1980s-set espionage thriller about intelligence agents trying to smoke out a North Korean mole. Hunt has ample political texture. It's also not short on car chases, firefights, hand-to-hand clashes and cellphones the size of house brick." - The Hollywood Reporter


In 2021 the first edition of SONMAT took place. This year we are back again with a tasteful programme. Immerse yourself on Sunday 16 October in culture, philosophy and science in the café of Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER in Gent.

Did you know a dish tastes different depending on who prepared it? Tender hands can bring out comfort from a dish like magic, but the handflora from the chef also literally influence the flavour of a dish. Our language has no word for it, but in Korean there is: 'sonmat', meaning hand-taste. So through food we connect and give a bit from ourselves to others. That is exactly what SONMAT wants to do: explore, taste, smell and share different hand-flavours.

Mokja meets ZuruZuru pop-up

Start Mokja meets ZuruZuru pop-up 18:00, start film Hunt 19:30 @ Theaterzaal in Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER

Entrepreneur and ramenchef Nick Hofman learned the tricks of the trade in Yokohama, the second biggest city in Japan. There he got an intensive and hands-on education from Japanese culinary maestro's. He took his knowledge into practice at several renowned ramen-restaurants. Nick offers the art of this profession at his restaurant Zuru Zuru Ramen, where quality and authenticity come first.

Let's eat! That is the Korean meaning of Mokja!, the brainchild of Ae Jin Huys. Inspired by the Korean food-philosophy, Mokja! brings simple and pure dishes. Food as a daily medicin, keeping in mind a healthy digestion as an important part of the course. Through catering, pop-ups, take-out, workshops and her cook book KIMCHI, Ae Jin connects people with the Korean kitchen. For the occasion Zuru Zuru Ramen en Mokja serve a sharing menu. Reservations are possible from two persons.

Combiticket Sonmat

Buy a combiticket for Mokja meets Zuru Zuru pop-up and Hunt.

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D863030b 5aa8 4f1f 97b4 5ec6f7c7bd39



Lee Jung-jae


Cho Young-wuk


Lee Jung-jae, Jung Woo-sung, Jeon Hye-jin


Jo Seung-Hee

Director of Photography

Mo-gae Lee


Kim Sang-beom


Lee Jung-jae

Production studios

Artist Studio


Periscoop Films

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Countries of production

South Korea




Lee Jung-jae
Hunt (2022)

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