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Alain Resnais

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Edition 1992
90' - 1959 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: French, English, Japanese
Director: Alain Resnais Composer: Georges Delerue, Giovanni Fusco With: Emmanuelle Riva, Eiji Okada, Stella Dassas
Here was a film of overwhelming originality in both style and content. The Japanese co-producers insisted on a story set equally in Japan and France with one star from each country. MakinQ his feature film debut, Alain Resnais gave Marguerite Duras the idea of a story that linked the atom bomb on Hiroshima with an event in war-time France, and she evolved a screenplay drawing on the memories of an actress (Emmannuelle Riva) engaged in a passionate love affair with a Japanese architect (Eiji Okada). (National Film Theatre 1991)

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Alain Resnais


Georges Delerue, Giovanni Fusco


Emmanuelle Riva, Eiji Okada, Stella Dassas


Marguerite Duras

Director of Photography

Sacha Vierny, Takahashi Michio


Henri Colpi, Jasmine Chasney


Sasha Kamenka, Shirakawa Takeo

More information


French, English, Japanese

Countries of production

Japan, France

Screenplay based on

"Hiroshima Mon Amour" (Marguerite Duras)




Alain Resnais
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