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Hsiao-Ming Hsu

Heartbreak Island (Qu nian dong tian)

Director Hsiao-Ming Hsu Composer Chyl Ching Cast Vicky Wei, King Jieh-Wen, Ching-Ju Chang
Edition 1995
120' - 1995 - Drama
Lin-Lang is released from prison; she has served a sentence of more than ten years for her involvement in urban terrorism. She starts looking up old friends... and finds that much has changed while she has been locked up. The radicals she once knew have turned in to middle-class home owners and entrepreneurs, and the political opposition has been assimilated into mainstream politics - at the cost of its radical edge. Shocked she searches her old friend: her former lover Wang Rong. Meanwhile, in the city of Taipei, an ordinary family is beginning another ordinary day. The father, Wang Rong, owns a small coffee-shop; he and his wife have a one-year-old son.

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B4785455 5ce7 4b0e b76c f19b62534162
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Hsiao-Ming Hsu


Chyl Ching


Vicky Wei, King Jieh-Wen, Ching-Ju Chang


Guo Cheng, Shui-Chung Chiang, Hsiao-Hsien Hou

Director of Photography

Wei-Han Yang


Po-Wen Chen


Jessie S. Huang, King Jieh-Wen

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Screenplay based on

"Heartbreak Island" (Tong Nien)