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István Szabó


Edition 1988
140' - 1988 - Drama - Dialogue: Hungarian, German
Director: István Szabó Composer: György Vukán With: Klaus Maria Brandauer, Erland Josephson, Ildikó Bánsági
Austrian Klaus Schneider, who later comes to be known as Erik Jan Hanussen is wounded during World War I. While recovering in the care of Dr. Emil Bettelheim (Erland Josephson), the Doctor discovers that Schneider possesses empathic powers. After the war, with one friend as his manager and another as his lover, Schneider changes his name and goes to Berlin to perform in halls and theaters as a hypnotist and mind reader. His purported powers bring him to the attention of the Nazis which cause his fame and power – as well as his own troubles – to grow.

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István Szabó


György Vukán


Klaus Maria Brandauer, Erland Josephson, Ildikó Bánsági


István Szabó, Péter Dobai, Erik Jan Hanussen

Director of Photography

Lajos Koltai


Zsuzsa Csákány

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Hungarian, German

Countries of production

Hungary, Austria, West Germany



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