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Andreas Dresen

Halbe Treppe (Grill Point)

Edition 2002
106' - 2002 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Andreas Dresen Composer: 17 Hippies With: Axel Prahl, Steffi Kühnert, Thorsten Merten, Gabriela Maria Schmeide
Two married couples in their late thirties living in Frankfurt/Oder, east Germany. Although they are all friends, their relationship has become pretty staid of late. Radio host Chris and his second wife Katrin don't have much to say to each other anymore, in or out of bed. Uwe, his friend, slaves away day and night in his own hot-dog stall, but forgets his wife and kids. Small surprise, then, that Ellen and Chris ‚ who is urgently looking for change ‚ come closer. A chance meeting between these two leads to a secret love affair. But they're caught in the act, and everyone is shaken from their stupor. Their bogged-down existence gets a jump-start, they question their position in life, and suddenly it becomes clear that small miracles are possible even in a place like Frankfurt/Oder ‚ if only you believe in them. (press kit)

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Andreas Dresen


17 Hippies


Axel Prahl, Steffi Kühnert, Thorsten Merten, Gabriela Maria Schmeide


Andreas Dresen

Director of Photography

Michael Hammon


Jörg Hauschild


Peter Rommel

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