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Michael Pattinson, Bruce Myles

Ground Zero

Edition 1988
109' - 1987 - Mystery, Action, Drama, Thriller - Dialogue: English
Director: Michael Pattinson, Bruce Myles Composer: Chris Neal With: Colin Friels, Jack Thompson, Donald Pleasence

A man investigates the circumstances of his father's death thirty years ago. A series of seemingly unconnected events causes disorder in the life of cameraman Harvey Denton: he finds himself caught up in international polities and secret service activities - and it all began during the atom bomb tests conducted by the British in Australia in the fifties and sixties.
The body of bis father - a documentary filmmaker - is found. Allegedly he drowned at sea. According to Royal Commission reports, a highly radioactive aircraft was discovered, containing a body which was identified as Carl Denton. An unsolved murder. Harvey Denton asks questions but is confronted with a wall of silence and himself put under surveillance and threatened. The search for the truth becomes a search for a missing roll of film, shot during the bomb tests by Carl Denton. Both the British and Australian secret services are vehemently interested in the piece of film. Harvey Denton has to find this film before the Royal Commission's term of office expires.

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Michael Pattinson, Bruce Myles


Chris Neal


Colin Friels, Jack Thompson, Donald Pleasence


Mac Gudgeon, Jan Sardi

Director of Photography

Steve Dobson


David Pulbrook


Michael Pattinson

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