09 20 Oct '24
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Cyril Leuthy

Godard seul le cinéma (Godard Cinema)

Edition 2022
100' - 2022 - Documentary - Dialogue: French
Director: Cyril Leuthy Composer: Thomas Dappelo With: Jean-Luc Godard
No one breathed cinema more than Jean-Luc Godard. More so: whatever the subject of his films, in the end they were all about cinema. An illuminating portrait of the greatest living director.
"He did everything. And the opposite of it too." Only a mysterious bon mot can describe Jean-Luc Godard, the master of enigmatic one-liners, which, by the way, he likes to throw around in his films. JLG, as his name is usually abbreviated, is the most innovative and important living director. No doubt. Documentary filmmaker Cyril Leuthy clearly explains the erratic course of JLG since his 1960 nouvelle vague debut À bout de souffle: pioneering iconoclast, creator of radical left-wing cinematic pamphlets, video pioneer and true master of cinema. JLG speaks exclusively through archive material, but Leuthy interviews a select group of connoisseurs. From biographers – plural, every French film journalist wants to write the definitive JLG book – to former collaborators, such as actress Nathalie Baye.
“Jean-Luc Godard is cinema, its quintessence. We hate him as much as we worship him. Where does his aura come from? From legendary films of course, but also from Godard himself. He is a public figure as much as a man shrouded in mystery. Everything and its opposite, he has taken all possible paths.” - Biennale Cinema

Combiticket Godard

With a combiticket you can watch on Tuesday 18 October À vendredi, Robinson (See you Friday, Robinson), Godard seul le cinema and the talk Adieu à Godard with Patrick Duynslaegher and Anke Brouwers continuously.

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Cyril Leuthy


Thomas Dappelo


Jean-Luc Godard


Cyril Leuthy

Director of Photography

Thomas Dappelo, Gertrude Baillot


Philippe Baillon, Cyril Leuthy


Cathy Palumbo, Victor Robert

Production studios

JLG Films

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Cyril Leuthy
Le souffle court (2002), The Night Is Fading (2015), Barbara: Chansons pour une absente (2017), Godard seul le cinéma (2022)

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