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Alessandro Comodin

Gigi la legge (The Adventures of Gigi the Law)

Director Alessandro Comodin Cast Pier Luigi Mecchia, Ester Vergolini, Annalisa Ferrari
Edition 2022
102' - 2022 - Documentary - Dialogue: Italian
In Gigi la legge, Alessandro Comodin shadows a cop to map a seemingly idyllic Italian rural village.
Riding in a police car is a wish that has been fulfilled several times in cinema. But Alessandro Comodin interprets such an exhilarating ride with 'the law' completely differently than buddy cop films like Ride Along (2014). In the fictionalised documentary Gigi la legge, the Italian filmmaker follows Gigi, a well-liked cop who drives around the northern Italian countryside talking to the inhabitants of his calm commune. With a static camera that only leaves the car when Gigi – played by the director's uncle – lights a cigarette, Comodin records the routine life of the cop and the social context in which he operates. Gradually, as a viewer, you discover that a cloud hangs over this idyllic village full of cypress trees, driving several inhabitants to despair.

"This sensitive and at times surreal depiction of a rural policeman (the director's own uncle) marks the mighty comeback of Alessandro Comodin. A modest and poetic portrait of a society tragically suffocated by an intrusive and restrictive hegemonic masculinity." - Cineuropa

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Alessandro Comodin


Pier Luigi Mecchia, Ester Vergolini, Annalisa Ferrari


Alessandro Comodin

Director of Photography

Tristan Bordmann


João Nicolau


Pierre-Olivier Bardet, Paolo Benzi, Hélène Le Coeur, Alice Lemaire, Andres Sebastien

Production studios

Okta Film, Idéale Audience, Michigan Films

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Countries of production

Italy, Belgium, France




Alessandro Comodin
The Hunting Fever (short, 2008), Summer of Giacomo (2011), Happy Times Will Come Soon (2016), The Adventures of Gigi the Law (2022)