09 20 Oct '24
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Anders Grönros

Glasblåsarns barn (The Glassblower's Children)

110' - 1998 - Drama, Family - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Anders Grönros Composer: Johan Söderqvist With: Lena Granhagen, Stellan Skarsgård, Pernilla August
Based on the novel by Maria Gripe, this is the story of two children, Klas and Klara, growing up in the poor Swedish countryside of the mid-19th Century. Their father Albert is a glassblower, famous for his beautiful vases, but still unable to earn enough money for his wife Sofia and the children. At a spring fair a distinguished gentleman arrives and buys all of Albert’s glassware. After this nothing is the same again. Klas and Klara are kidnapped and brought to a strange castle. The only ones capable of setting them free are a fortune teller and his wise raven. They still have to cross the River of Forgotten Memories!

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Anders Grönros


Johan Söderqvist


Lena Granhagen, Stellan Skarsgård, Pernilla August


Anders Grönros, Arthur Johansen

Director of Photography

Philip Øgaard


Leon Flamholc, Anders Grönros, Carina Hellberg, Thomas Holéwa


Anders Birkeland

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Countries of production

Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Screenplay based on

"Glasblåsarns barn" (Maria Gripe)



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