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Manuel octavio Gomez


Edition 1988
116' - 1988 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Manuel octavio Gomez Composer: Pablo Milanes With: Sancho Gracia, Jorge Sanz, Manuel Galiana
Here is told the story of a man of two countries. He is Manuel Ruiz. But Manuel Ruiz could be called Antonio, Fabian, or José. It is the story of the immigrant who left bis village in search of ad venture and well-being. He is the Galician, Catalan, Canarian, Andalusian, Asturian, or from Estramadura ... who tried to forge for himself a new destiny, contributing essentially to create the personality of America.
He could be called Antonio, Fabian, José, but above all this is the story of Manuel Ruiz, 'El Gallego'. Because that is how the ones who immigrate to Latin America from Spain are called. Through all of them p-assed life, and all of them have been, and are, precious ductile metals or active actors of the geography of the new world, 'blue over blue', 'green over green'. Of a New World which changes destinies like 'a firm idea changes the destiny of man.' (pressbook)

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Ab8d02ba 2661 4ae6 8c7b 7fa46fb7f8df
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Manuel octavio Gomez


Pablo Milanes


Sancho Gracia, Jorge Sanz, Manuel Galiana


Manuel octavio Gomez, Mario Camus

Director of Photography

Porfirio Enríquez


Pablo G. del Amo


Sancho Gracia

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Countries of production

Spain, Cuba

Screenplay based on

"Gallego" (Miguel Barnet)



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