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Alf Sjöberg

Fröken Julie (Miss Julie)

90' - 1951 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: French, Swedish
Director: Alf Sjöberg Composer: Dag Wirén With: Anita Björk, Ulf Palme, Märta Dorff
One Midsummer's Eve, Miss Julie, the daughter of a wealthy count, seduces her father’s groom, Jean. She tells him of her upbringing and they plan to run away. The next morning, Miss Julie realises she can never regain her former propriety and dignity and commits suicide. Although August Strindberg’s famous play about repression, both sexual and class, loses some of its claustrophobia in this adaptation -the action has moved from one room to take in other areas of the mansion and the estate- it gains by the complex flashback and flash forward technique in which characters from the past appear in scenes with those of the present. Anita Björk gives a remarkable performance as the neurotically defiant Julie.

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Alf Sjöberg


Dag Wirén


Anita Björk, Ulf Palme, Märta Dorff


Alf Sjöberg

Director of Photography

Göran Strindberg


Lennart Wallén


Rune Waldekranz

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French, Swedish

Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Fröken Julie" (August Strindberg)



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