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Titus Leber

Fremd bin ich eingezogen (Fremd bin ich eingezogen)

Edition 1987
64' - 1979 - Avant-Garde / Experimental, Biography, Short - Dialogue: German
Director: Titus Leber With: Axel Schanda, Fritz Hakl, August Schuschnigg
On his deathbed, Schubert relives the stages of his life in an allegorical form. Bullied as a child by his father, oppressed under his mother's power. In his desperate struggle face to face with titan Beethoven. His emotional, artistic and social difficulties. After all, he was never understood in his time. In autumn and spring , the visions of a dark future, the spectres of an " Anti-Schubert ". A film full of superimposed images and dramatic layers. A multidimensionality that immerses the viewer in the physical, social and mental landscapes associated with Schubert. (cited freely after press file)

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Titus Leber


Axel Schanda, Fritz Hakl, August Schuschnigg

Director of Photography

Titus Leber, Dieter Wittich


Titus Leber


Fritz Buttenstedt, Titus Leber

Non-original music

Franz Schubert

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Countries of production

Austria, West Germany



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