11 22 oct '22
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Jacqueline Lentzou


Focus op Griekse Cinema 29' - 2016 - Drama, Short - Dialogue: Greek - Format: DCP
Director: Jacqueline Lentzou Composer: Alexandros Voulgaris With: Nikos Zeginoglou, Nota Tserniafski, Katerina Zisoudi
This short film is part of the Tribute to Jacqueline Lentzou.
Thu 14 Oct
Sphinx 3
Subtitles: English
Wed 20 Oct
Sphinx 3
Subtitles: English

A boiling day in Athens, Greece. Stephanos, the eldest brother, is working out, while his mother is planning on a day out. After another intense fight between them, Stephanos is left alone to take care of his two younger siblings and Lucy, their family dog. Lucy is sick. The day goes by smoothly with summery laziness, among pizza boxes, adolescent flirtations and a phone that remains unanswered. What will dramatically change their day is Lucy’s death. Yet, more changes are in store for the family, and they will be revealed to them, when Stephanos picks up the phone. It was the last care-free day of their lives.

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Jacqueline Lentzou


Alexandros Voulgaris


Nikos Zeginoglou, Nota Tserniafski, Katerina Zisoudi


Jacqueline Lentzou

Director of Photography

Konstantinos Koukoulios


Smaro Papaevangelou


Fenia Cossovitsa

Production studios

Blonde Audiovisual Productions

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Jacqueline Lentzou
Insights: A Cine-poem on Vision (short, 2011), And the Kid (short, 2011), Thirteen Blue (short, 2013), Luz (short, 2016), Fox (short, 2016), Hiwa (short, 2017), Hector Malot: The Last Day of the Year (short, 2018), Moon 66 Questions (2020), The End of Suffering: A Proposal (short, 2020)

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