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Al Reinert

For All Mankind

80' - 1989 - Documentary - Dialogue: English
Director: Al Reinert Composer: Brian Eno With: Jim Lovell, Ken Mattingly, Russell Schweickart
From 1969 to 1972 there were nine manned flights to the moon. Twenty-four men, the first humans to leave this planet for another world, made the journey. Composed entirely of 16mm footage taken by the Apollo crews on their missions, this film poetically evokes the spirit of these flights. Not in the usual sense a “documentary”, it eschews the customary “talking heads”, interviews with experts and scholars, or dramatisations of past events. Rather it uses only footage culled from NASA’s archives, magnificently blown up to 35mm by technical wiz David Leitner, and accompanied by a stunningly evocative score by avant-garde composer Brian Eno.

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Al Reinert


Brian Eno


Jim Lovell, Ken Mattingly, Russell Schweickart


Susan Korda


Betsy Broyles Breier, Al Reinert

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United States of America



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