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Carlo Lizzani

Fontamara (Fontamar)

Edition 1983
139' - 1980 - Drama - Dialogue: Italian
Director: Carlo Lizzani Composer: Roberto De Simone With: Michele Placido, Ida Di Benedetto, Antonella Murgia
Fontamara is a village in the Marsica, forgotten by all but God and its inhabitants are called 'cafoni' (boors). Berardo Viola wants to marry Elvira but only after gaining enough money to buy some land and in order to reach his aim he has the idea of going to a great city. When Maria Grazia is raped by the fascists, Berardo and Antonio decide to leave Fontamara and go to Rome. Here they are swindled by a lawyer and afterward they are invited by an antifascist to a restaurant where they are arrested by the police because of some subversive papers they had. Berardo dies from the tortures and Antonio can only go back to his Fontamara after signing a paper in which he declares that Berardo had killed himself.

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Carlo Lizzani


Roberto De Simone


Michele Placido, Ida Di Benedetto, Antonella Murgia


Carlo Lizzani, Lucio De Caro

Director of Photography

Mario Vulpiani


Franco Fraticelli


Piero Lazzari

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Fontamara" (Ignazio Silone)



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