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Christopher Petit

Flight to Berlin

Edition 1984
91' - 1984 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Christopher Petit Composer: Irmin Schmidt With: Tusse Silberg, Paul Freeman, Lisa Kreuzer
A mystery involving a woman, Susannah, being taken from her German hotel to be interrogated by police agents, by whom no more than teasing hints are dropped as to what's happened, before the film flashes back to her arrival in Berlin. Susannah meets up with her sister, and then, giving an assumed name, falls in with a handsome young Scot, Jack, at a cafe. He has followed her from her sister's workplace, and it turns out that he, the sister and the sister's husband are all wrapped up in something shady - again it's never clear what.

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Christopher Petit


Irmin Schmidt


Tusse Silberg, Paul Freeman, Lisa Kreuzer


Christopher Petit, Walter Donahue, Lynda Myles, Peter Sainsbury

Director of Photography

Martin Schäfer


Peter Przygodda


Chris Sievernich

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Countries of production

United Kingdom, West Germany

Screenplay based on

"Strange Days" (Jennifer Potter)



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