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John Williams

Firefly dreams (Ichiban utsukushî natsu)

Edition 2002
105' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: John Williams Composer: Paul Rowe With: Maho, Tsutomu Niwa, Etsuko Kimata
Naomi, a typical teenage girl of modern Nagoya, is deeply affected by her parents’ divorce. Not ready to deal with Naomi alone now that his marriage has collapsed, Dad packs her off to spend the summer working at a countryside inn run by his elder sister. When she realizes that Naomi is not too thrilled with her work at the hotel, her aunt asks her to look after Mrs. Koide, an elderly relative who is slowly losing her memory to Alzheimer's. At first Naomi is mortified by the thought of taking care of an old woman but she soon becomes interested in the secrets Mrs. Koide is evidently hiding. This frail old woman in a kimono was once a much sought after beauty who married her girlhood love and, after his death in World War II, became gossiped about for her romantic forays against social convention. The girl and the old woman find that they have a common language and begin sharing their dreams, desires and disappointments. (www.100meterfilms.com)

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E90060b3 a9c7 446a 8292 a1b48be81934
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John Williams


Paul Rowe


Maho, Tsutomu Niwa, Etsuko Kimata


John Williams

Director of Photography

Yoshinobu Hayano


John Williams


Kazuaki Kaneda, Martin B.Z. Rycroft, John Williams

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