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Roland Gräf

Fariaho (Vagrants)

Edition 1988
99' - 1983 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Roland Gräf Composer: Gunther Fischer With: Franciszek Pieczka, André Hiller, Arianne Borbach
This film takes us back to the fifties in the GDR. Beside the large scale developments, small scale ones are also taking place, for instance 'Fussberg 's Original Puppet Theatre'. Sebastian Fussberg, a traditional but passionate puppeteer, travels with his show about Kasperle and the lovely Genoveva all over the land, keeping away from the main roads, stopping in the smaller villages. He takes on Achim, the grandson of his former partner, in his small business, hoping to make a fresh start with him, and because he sees in him a successor. But also because he wants to repay a debt to Achim which has been preying on his mind, tormenting him for years: the Nazis released him from the concentration camp after a short while, but murdered Achim's grandfather. Marianne's arrival makes them a threesome, creating new situations and experiences for them all. Old Fussberg's passion for his theatre ishis whole life; his obstiancy at first prevents him from seeing the new developments and adapting his act accordingly ...

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Roland Gräf


Gunther Fischer


Franciszek Pieczka, André Hiller, Arianne Borbach


Roland Gräf, Erika Richter, Martin Stephan

Director of Photography

Juergen Brauer


Monika Schindler

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Countries of production

East Germany



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