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Atom Egoyan

Family Viewing

Edition 1988
86' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Atom Egoyan Composer: Mychael Danna With: David Hemblen, Aidan Tierney, Gabrielle Rose
Rigidly stylized, emotionally drained and squarely composed, this darkly humorous tale of Oedipal unrest in Couch Potato Kingdom is at once distinctly weird and weirdly familiar. But this is not a case of strangeness for strangeness' sake: beneath Egoyan's meticulous veneer of icy oddness lies a bull 's eye attack on the social, emotional and sexual consequences of a few lifetimes of indiscriminate media binging.
While the film opens on an image of nuclear family coziness (mother, father and junior enjoying TV together), we soon learn better than to trust what we sec. This 'family' is actually a stewpot of simmering tensions. ( ... ) Not everybody 's cup of fun, Family Viewing is rich and provocative stuff for those who are up to it. It 's also the most effective attack on couch potato culture since Scorsese's King of Comedy and Cronenberg's Videodrome. Egoyan has turned the TV remote control into a lethal weapon. (Geoff Pevere in The Toronto Star. 24.11.87)

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Atom Egoyan


Mychael Danna


David Hemblen, Aidan Tierney, Gabrielle Rose


Atom Egoyan

Director of Photography

Peter Mettler


Bruce McDonald, Atom Egoyan

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Atom Egoyan
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