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Daniel Burman

Every stewardess goes to heaven (Todas las azafatas van al cielo)

93' - 2002 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Daniel Burman Composer: Víctor Reyes With: Alfredo Casero, Valentina Akiyama, Ingrid Rubio, Norma Aleandro
Stewardess Teresa lives her life at a dizzy height. She feels quite at home in her heaven of pantomime and tiny trays of frozen food. In fact, she’s far more afraid of the abysses and pitfalls of life on earth – this world full of men, motherhood and family. She much prefers airports and long-haul flights. Down there is where Julian lives. This young doctor has recently become a widower. He must fly to Ushuaia, the most southernmost town in the world, in order to fulfill a promise. This is where Julian agreed to scatter his wife’s ashes, because this is the place where it all began. Julian’s wife was also a flight attendant. Julian knows all there is to know about love and pain and he’d really like to escape to the skies, far away from life on earth. A woman trying not to fall from heaven and a man who wants to ascend. An unavoidable encounter at the end of the world, where heaven and earth melt into dazzling white and the horizon is the past. (Catalogue IFB 2002)

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Daniel Burman


Víctor Reyes


Alfredo Casero, Valentina Akiyama, Ingrid Rubio, Norma Aleandro


Daniel Burman, Emiliano Torres

Director of Photography

Ramiro Civita


Miguel Pérez, Ana Díaz Epstein, Alejandro Chomski


Pablo Bossi, Pedro D'Angelo, Diego Dubcovsky, José María Morales

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Countries of production

Argentina, Spain



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