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Carlos Sorin

Eversmile New Jersey

Edition 1989
90' - 1989 - Drama, Comedy, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Carlos Sorin Composer: Steve Levine With: Daniel Day-Lewis, Mirjana Jokovic
Fergus O'Connell is an Irish dentist employed by the Eversmile New Jersey Company to travel on his mobile dental surgery around Patagonia, dispensing free dental services to its inhabitants. The company is owned by a wealthy American lady whose generosity has inspired Fergus to devote himself to furthering the cause of travelling dentistry. The sidecar of the motorbike he travels on can be transformed into an almost complete dental surgery. The vast, flat, lonely landscape of Patagonia are the strange backdrop to this quirky, delightful story of Fergus' coming to terms with what life gives and what life can take away... (pressbook)

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Carlos Sorin


Steve Levine


Daniel Day-Lewis, Mirjana Jokovic

Director of Photography

Esteban Courtalon


Brian Oates

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Countries of production

Argentina, United Kingdom



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