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Chema García Ibarra

Espíritu sagrado (The Sacred Spirit)

Edition 2021
97' - 2021 - Science Fiction, Drama, Comedy, Thriller - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Chema García Ibarra With: Llum Arques, Nacho Fernández, Rocío Ibáñez
Chema García Ibarra’s debut is a visually stunning cocktail of humor, dystopia and surrealism.

While an ongoing investigation for the mysterious disappearance of a little girl is shaking the local community, José Manuel continues his daily routine. He works in his modest tapas bar, takes care of his mother and attends the weekly meetings of the ufology association, Ovni-Levente, where he exchanges information about extraterrestrial messages and alien abductions with the rest of its devoted members. When their leader dies unexpectedly, José Manuel is the only person who knows the cosmic secret that could alter the future of humanity. Set against a colorful and radiant backdrop, The Sacred Spirit is an eerie and uncanny tale looking straight into the depths of human nature.

“Fascinated by the ways science fiction and the paranormal burrow inside people looking for meaning in an anarchic world, the filmmaker weaves an idiosyncratic story of a group of UFO believers oblivious to a darker element in their midst.” - Variety

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Chema García Ibarra


Llum Arques, Nacho Fernández, Rocío Ibáñez


Chema García Ibarra

Director of Photography

Ion de Sosa


Ana Pfaff


Leire Apellllaniz, Marina Perales Marhuenda, Miguel Molina, Xavier Rocher, Enes Erbay

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Countries of production

Turkey, Spain, France




Chema García Ibarra
El camino de carne (short, 2006), Miaau (short, 2007), El ataque de los robots de nebulosa-5 (short, 2008), Protopartículas (short, 2009), Misterio (short, 2013), Uranes (2013), In the Same Garden (2016), La disco resplandece (short, 2016), The Golden Legend (short, 2019)

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